5 of the Best WordPress Hosting Deals this Black Friday

Black Friday Wordpress Hosting Deals

So you have your new shiny WordPress theme. Where should you put it? You need web hosting.

Web hosting is the lease of a server (or part of it) where customers like you can upload their websites, set up custom email addresses and more.

Luckily for you, this is the best time to buy web hosting. You have to hold off until the 24th of November. That’s Black Friday. The most prominent and most popular web hosting companies post some of the best deals the whole year.

You can literally buy a hosting plan for one-tenth of the usual price. And it’s not a marketing gimmick.

In this post, I have collected three of the best deals anyone should grab.

Bluehost’s Black Friday Deals

Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting companies. I have personally tried their services, and they were nothing but great.

Last year they had a 60% off deal. That meant a $2.65/mo price which is just awesome considering the usual price.

For the $2.65 discounted price you can get:

  • A free domain registration
  • A free site builder with lots of templates
  • Marketing credits (this alone pays back what you spend on hosting)
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 support.

This is a limited time offer valid only on Black Friday and the weekend after it. They might extend it to Cyber Monday, but that’s not 100%.

Any web hosting with quality like Bluehost and a price tag like this is simply with purchasing right away. Activate your deal and lock in the best hosting prices for the life of your hosting plan.

Siteground’s Black Friday Deals

Siteground is one of the most prominent retail web hosts. They are huge globally, including the US, even though they are managed from Europe.

They provide exceptional quality (when it comes to shared hosting), and only a few other companies can compete with Siteground in my books.

They really are the masters of cPanel hosting. It’s deeply integrated into their infrastructure. They support free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates which you can request in cPanel, and they automatically renew.

Dreamhost’s Black Friday Deals

Dreamhost is one of my favorite web hosts. I hesitated for a long time when it came to signing up for them, but for a new project, I thought I would give them a chance. They are one of the best I have dealt with. They are a very positive disappointment, so to say.

You get everything you can expect from a shared host and more. Most shared hosts cut you off if your traffic spikes. Dreamhost, on the other hand, provides truly unlimited bandwidth. Different limits apply though. So if you are melting down the server you are on, then you cannot expect them to keep your site online.

In 2017 Dreamhost offers an impressive deal again. You can get their hosting package for less than half of the usual price. Now that’s awesomeness.

Hostgator’s Black Friday Deals

Hostgator is probably the most known shared web host. I didn’t deal with them too much, but they are good from what I’ve read. Every year on Black Friday and the weekend after it they are running discounts and limited time fire sales. During fire sale times you can get hosting for as low as 25% of the usual time. Cool, ha?

During non fire sale hours you can still grab a deal as low as 60% of the usual price. They also run crazy domain deals.

A2hosting’s Black Friday Deals

A2Hosting is my new favorite web host. They provide server speeds other web hosts only dream of. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can get your hands on a brand new hosting plan with a 50% discount.

I personally like their Turbo plan as it’s blazing fast. You know how some statistics say even one second of extra loading time can cost you a lot of dollars because your customers are not that patient and simply leave your site and go to the next one (that my load a bit faster).

In summary, each and every one of the hosts I have listed here will run awesome deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check them out and don’t hesitate, even if your project starts in a couple of months. A month or two later you will still pay more than if you buy on Cyber Weekend.