You should never have any doubt that your website is going to stay online at all times. No site, no matter how large, can possibly stay online all the time. With so many sources of interference, there will be times when the site will go offline, and it’s the responsibility of the host to make sure that it is quickly restored.

With some web hosts, this is a major concern. They have built their own back-up systems, but there are still a few who will run their own databases or other systems, which could cause problems for the site if it goes down.

A2Hosting is one such company, and they’ve designed their system specifically to avoid such problems. It’s a fully redundant system, with five different computer farms, spread around the world. This allows for good resilience, with no single point of failure. And if that fails, the team in the nearest site can restore the site to you quickly, before you’ve lost any money or valuable customers.

Sites are online in 24 hours or less, and you can have your own dedicated IP. The company doesn’t have any other installations of its own, it works with reputable partners all around the world.

There are other companies who could give you this sort of service, but A2Hosting is one of only a handful that have proved that they are able to keep customers online and recover without a problem when things go wrong. And the company’s support team is excellent too, so if you do have problems, you can get help from any one of their staff, as and when you need it.

A2 Hosting is a well-known and reputable provider of Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting and other Services. It is popular for their exceptional service and friendly support.

Many renowned websites are hosted by this company and they have only one motto – to provide best services to customers at affordable rates. For their incredible success, they have great relationship with different WordPress and other web hosting companies.

A2 Hosting has a lot of expertise in providing reliable and top quality Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated Servers and VPS hosting. This is the only web host of Canada that focuses on providing excellent hosting services, and, for achieving the target result, they offer 24/7 technical support by highly skilled team of tech-savvy, highly experienced and professional Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers and VPS hosting professionals.

A2 Hosting has state of the art, customizable, and highly reliable servers. They offer power and strong network, and are equipped with up-to-date technology which is compatible with latest software platforms and tools. Furthermore, A2 Hosting offers all servers with 10 Gbps network, i.e. 10 times faster than other shared hosting plans. A2 Hosting also provides SSDs, optimized RAM, and efficient data centers.

High-quality Hosting Solution

A2 Hosting is specialized in providing excellent, reliable and top quality WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers and VPS hosting services at affordable prices, so that everyone can start and grow a website without spending money. A2 Hosting offers Windows, and Debian based server solutions, which are affordable and efficient. They have three types of plans – shared, VPS, and reseller plans that are available with different terms and conditions.

They have SSL Certificates for every server. They also have professional reseller plan, which provides unlimited server space and 100% profit margin to resellers. All these products are expertly configured to provide best internet speeds, reliable servers, efficient resources and data centers.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers offered by A2 Hosting is suitable for businesses. It is designed to optimize CPU performance and it provides highly efficient resources. It is available with powerful management tools and includes fast network connectivity. It is highly reliable and secure.

VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is the top provider of VPS servers with a network top-10 connectivity in North America and Europe. It has excellent support and engineering team which is capable of providing best support for VPS and dedicated server. All these servers come with fully customized software packages and highly skilled technicians.

Uptime Guarantee

A2 Hosting offers free Uptime Guarantee. It means that A2 Hosting will never go off-line and it will remain available at all times. It is the part of a network which guarantees availability of all hosted resources.

Live Chat

A2 Hosting provides live chat service for 24/7 support. It means that customers can contact the technical support team without wasting time, or they can contact it at their convenience. It also provides toll free number, so that clients can contact them.

Money Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting offers money back guarantee for the first 30 days. So, clients can avail 30 days of 100% money back. A2 Hosting guarantee can be canceled or transferred to another account within 30 days. The money back guarantee can be canceled or transferred within 30 days from the date of hosting purchase.


A2 Hosting offers a professional and personalized training and a lot of other services for its customers. It also has an account support for more than 7 days, which is a dedicated support team.

Services and Support

A2 Hosting offers a great support team to support all customers. A team of more than 15 people consists of technical and customer support, which is available 24/7 and it provides remote support and live chat, which is useful for clients who are away from their offices or are away from internet.

Additionally, A2 Hosting has documentation pages to explain the features and benefits of all the services it provides. A2 Hosting team also sends out e-mail with support information to all clients. A2 Hosting is highly responsive and always ready to answer any of the questions its clients might have.


  • A2 Hosting offers a highly secure, fast, and reliable network with great features and services. It has an excellent customer support and team of talented professionals.
  • The services are flexible, scalable, and also cost-effective. It offers a guaranteed best price.
  • A2 Hosting has professional technical support and technical training. It provides discounts on common configurations.


  • Some features are not flexible, scalable, or cost-effective.
  • A2 Hosting does not have a relationship with local or regional resellers.

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

A2 Hosting has a money back guarantee for first 30 days. So, clients can avail 30 days money back. If the client is not satisfied with the services after 30 days, he can cancel the hosting or request for a refund.

A2 Hosting has an excellent customer service team, best configuration, and most of all, it is reliable. It is ideal for smaller companies with no upfront cost. A2 Hosting is a one-stop service provider with various other hosting services such as dedicated servers, VPS, and domain registration services.

Final verdict

A2Hosting has a great deal of shared hosting in its portfolio, but it’s the service and support that make it stand out. It’s an exceptional hosting company which provides excellent value, and will help ensure your site is always up and running, no matter how busy the hosting company is.